Dungeons & Dragons
From your next sprawling adventure to your afternoon of roleplay in a local tavern, you’ll find everything you need here to keep up the excitement at your dungeons and dragons table.
Arcane Coffer
The Arcane Coffer is a dice box and tray, combined into a simple portable package.
Perfectly suited for holding your most precious set of dice while also doubling as a dice tray. With its design, dice won't go flying inside the box and it's easy to open with a magnetic clasp for on the go play. Always be ready when your dungeon master calls to roll initiative.
The First Arcane Coffer Designs!
This was at a point I was first using MDF to craft, and the material quality shows. These Coffers were 4.5" diameter instead of 4". When I would combine them with the coasters to make up the Coffer lids it wouldn't work because of a standard 4" size. Nowadays, all Arcane Coffers are carved from solid blocks of wood and hand sanded before receiving their engraving.
Welcome Sign
The Welcome Sign will ensure anyone entering your house will be prepared for any encounter!
"Never again will anyone be caught off guard upon entering your dungeon when you run at them screaming, “Roll initiative! Roll initiative!” for once they read this sign of warning they understand the risks of having a great time."

Here are a few examples of previous iterations of the Welcome Sign, as well as a few quick examples of how the surface of the wood can create a completely different look!
We're always aiming to improve, but its good to see where we started too.
Initiative Trackers
Whatever your party may be facing, you'll need to know who's on first. What better way to do that then say... I don't know... A custom initiative tracker! On our whiteboard signs, they're usable with wet or dry erase and clean up easily with a whiteboard cleaner or paper towel and water.
Variations on the Initiative Trackers include player count or lettering changes, we recommend 2+ your party size, so the Dungeon Master has room for placement.
Character Commissions
Have your favorite character done by another amazing artist? We'd be happy to immortalize them into wood! I'm not the greatest at drawing characters yet, but that hasn't stopped us from working with some great friends to laser engrave their work!
Please send us a message for discussing design, size, and pricing.
Custom Fantasy Maps
Everyone has somewhere to go, it's just a matter of how you get there. Below are a handful of custom maps we've converted from customer's submitted files or re-drawn by hand. 
Bento Boxes
No, you wouldn't store your favorite foods in these bento boxes, but you can certainly roll dice in them! With removable lids for multiple characters the bento box is perfect for those playing many wondrous lives and wanting somewhere to roll without the threat of flying off the table!
Past Character Gifts
"This is the story of famed bard and lover, Lionel Del'Mara. Written to chronicle my adventures with my beloved Callie Desh'Miria. May she ever shine bright as the Sacred Flame." - Deliria.
This custom dicebox was a gift created for our owner's girlfriend for the holidays. Inside is hollow and felted for rolling and storing dice!
Heyvk is a Yuan-Ti of colored words and a rampaging heart. After leaving his life from the brood he became a noble of an estate and renowned adventurer. One evening, a rather intrusive party attendee stomped his way into Heyvk’s companion’s body and they ended in an intimate situation as a form of punishment for the partygoer’s actions. Ever since a horribly timed swap back to their own person’s, he’s found himself by the side of companion Revalee Amakiir.
Further below is a collection of random images left over to give more angles.
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