It all began with the lord Tachanka.


Back in college my friend showed me how to use our university's laser engraving machine. I created this coaster, posted it online, and people were interested enough to buy them! Now here we are creating so much more.

The following photos are different versions, creations, and the eventual standard set of designs I work from today at the bottom.
Things were a bit hectic... As you might notice I was using a lot of different woods at all kinds of sizes and designs! Posing for the photo in the center was my recently adopted cat, Pixel.  After these designs were sent out to the world I slowly began standardizing the design for a better appearance and function.
Look at those attackers and defenders! All lined up on opposite sides of wood. For a short time, this served as my way to say, "Hey, this is what you can expect when purchasing a piece!" but these engravings were each about half an inch tall and didn't serve design all to well on smaller screens.
You might know the Youtuber/Twitch streaming Microwave gaming. I made a set of his logo and sent it over as a token of appreciation for all the entertainment he's brought over the years.

It follows a philosophy I still hold today when creating:

I don't design for profit, I design to share something nerdy.

And hey, it pays the bills along the way, so a double positive!
Soon I standardized the material being used, and at the time somebody was grateful enough to purchase an entire set of every operator available at the time! Giving me the perfect opportunity to show off all the designs in full 4" glory that became the standard for all future coasters. It wouldn't be another few months until I realized a crazy easy way to mix up the next style of design.
It seemed so simple at the time, how could somebody miss it? Cut the design to the shape of the operator's logo! And from there, this as well as the classic coaster square shape still stands as the new standard of Siege coasters. 
And to wrap up, here's the most recent design of coasters as of making this page. First a test design where I even got a shout out from Ubisoft on their Twitter page, but with the major mistake of mixing up Warden and Nokk before going back and fixing it. And now what people can expect today from every operator design.

I hope you enjoyed the journey and bit of history to making such a great thing that's come to my life.

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