Welcome to Arcanic Artistry
Arcanic Artistry was founded at the tail end of 2017 by Dakota and Leili. I first sold wooden coasters through social media before attending conventions around Florida. Along the ride for every show, Leili stands by my side in support and help in managing my work through the business. With time, many designs and creations continued to snowball into this current catalog of laser cut art you see today. As we grow, so does our repertoire of designs.
We’re always open to creating custom artwork of every shape and size. As many of the items we have come from Dakota’s hobbies or commissioned work, and we’re always looking for new inspiration to create! If you have an idea in mind, send us a message and we would be happy to help.
We primarily sell through Etsy, but also accept custom orders through PayPal or other valid means of purchase.
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